Yoga for weight loss?

We all know that the theory of losing weight is very simple. You take in less calories than you use up in any given day. To lose weight, a healthy diet low in calories and exercise plan are all you need. We often get asked whether yoga can help an individual lose weight. The answer is yes, BUT it depends on the type of yoga and it is usually only a minor help in the exercise depratment.

The most important aspect of weight loss is eating a healthy, balanced diet low in calories. Talking to a dietitian or doctor is a great first step. To help you set a target and monitor progress, look beyond just weight. You should work out your basal metabolic rate, BMI and Body Adiposity Index or BAI which is a more recent simple way to estimate your body fat percentage. As well as diet, exercise is important too and a cardiovascular workout is primarily what you need.

Remember that weight loss takes time and requires a gradual change in behaviour. It can be hard and is virtually always is. This is why fad diets and starvation never really work out. 
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